(Machine translation, please forgive the unnatural part)

Nothing and consciousness


An infinitely large relative difference tries to reach an infinitely small relative difference


Universe = nothing, two sides of the same coin, consciousness (impermanence continues between all pasts and all futures)

* All recognition (convergence = existence = nothing = now) and all consciousness quantities that are two sides of the same coin (multi-world = cannot be determined to exist = unit interaction amount = gravity).

All dimensions (present = unit interaction amount) have past dimensions (determined = existence = none) in the inner world and operate in future dimensions (multiworld = undetermined existence = unit consciousness).
→ All 3D worlds (current = unit interaction amount) have the past 3D world (decision = existence = none) in the inner world, and operate in the future 3D world (multi-world = existence undecided = unit consciousness amount).
→ All 10-dimensional universes (current = unit interaction amount) have the past 10-dimensional universe (decision = existence = none) in the inner world, and operate in the future 10-dimensional universe (multiverse = existence undecided = unit consciousness) .

* The amount of division unit (amount of consciousness = undecided) is born in the inner world of nothing (existence).
And I think that every result unit amount (self = nothing) born in the inner world of every consciousness amount (does not exist) has a beginning and an end in the inner world of the unit consciousness amount called the total amount of self.
However, every self is stationary before the beginning (non-working consciousness = nothing) and after the end (non-working consciousness = nothing).
And there is no one (self) who thinks about the beginning and the end.

* Atoms → molecules that have elementary particles (total amount of the concept of mass = unit interaction amount of light = continuous object = gravity = unit spatiotemporal amount) and reach the evolutionary unit amount of the outside world also operate in the unit spatiotemporal amount ( Gravity = consciousness).
And even before the birth of living things (human beings), there were things that recognized the universe.


 Multi-world 1: The nearest future in the inner world of light units

* The future cannot be born where nothing exists = The future to be reached is already in the inner world of many worlds.

* Every outside world has many worlds, two sides of the same coin, every inside world has many worlds = All principles (works inside and outside).

There is no result in the future, and from the present (result), it will be a place with nothing (consciousness that does not reach = nothing can be recognized).
However, being able to recognize that there is a resulting quantity (now = self) that has been born in the inner world of the target quantity (cause) is in the inner world of further future quantity and imaginary space quantity (continuous consciousness quantity)

When an organism (human being) whose roots are elementary particles thinks (imagines). It operates the inner world of the unit amount of light (the world where the concept after the atom cannot enter = the concept of mass = the spatiotemporal amount) (trying to reach one of the possibilities in the inner world of the unit amount).

The concept of stationary mass is located at the center of the total number of universal imaginary distances (the amount of imaginary space = many-worlds) that are continuous with the smallest angle in the inner world of the unit amount of light.

And it tries to be born into one of every apparent mass and every amount of imaginary space (completed in the unit amount of light).

When I try to walk, it starts with the first resulting unit (a concept of stationary mass) that a unit of light is trying to produce.

And I don't know in which direction I will go. But the first consequences of trying to come into the inner world of the multiworld (all possibilities within the inner world of unit quantity) already exist at the same time (multiworld = overlapping selves).

One thing (result unit amount) does not operate, but operates in the many-worlds (interaction unit amount). It operates on the same principle as the inner world of the unit amount of light (the smallest future total in the universe = simultaneous) and the large future total (simultaneous) that continues to the outer world of the universe.


Multiworld 2: The concept of mass operates within the inner world of consciousness (gravity)

* Conceptual universe (0 dimensional) completed in the past is recognized in the 2D plane inner world → Elementary particles (3 dimensional) are recognized in the 5D plane inner sphere → Atoms (6 dimensional) are recognized in the 8D plane inner sphere → Material universe (10 Dimension) is recognized in the 12D plane inner world → The biological universe (13th dimension) is recognized in the 15D plane inner world = There is a size of each concept (dimension).

* The conceptual universe completed in the past operates within the inner sphere of elementary particles → elementary particles operate within the inner universe of atoms → atoms operate within the inner universe of molecules → material universe operates within the inner universe of biological universe = It exists in the speed of each concept (dimension).

Completion in the material universe (10 dimensions) reaches the total amount of division amplification in the 11 dimensional inner world, and evolves into a new concept (biological universe) in 12 dimensions.
Then, in order to complete the 13th dimension (total amount of evolution), it operates in the 14th dimension (total amount of self-division = many worlds = interaction amount = energy = consciousness amount = gravity).
And since there is no fixed one outcome within the total amount of possibilities, any change can be born.

And the premise (cause) of the biological universe is in the physical universe (completed in 10th dimension), and it is in the process of operating in the inner world of 14th dimension (multi-world = conscious world)

And there is no phenomenon that the concept of mass in the inner world of the living universe (11th to 13th dimensions) produces(same as none).

Further concepts (non-existent) continue to the outside world of concepts that were completed (existed) in the past.

As we combine bonds in the world of velocity and evolve into the concept of atom-> molecule-> object (organism), it slows down relatively and exists in the present world of cosmic velocity.

In the same way, the amount of gravitational force is the largest in the inner world of protons (strong gravitational force) and continues to decrease at the same time as the evolution of atoms → molecules → objects (living organisms).

And gravity in the present universe exists in the interaction unit quantity (weak gravitational quantity) of the multi-world (division of material universe = 14 dimensions).
But it is also the greatest energy to drive all past dimensions (the amount of consciousness a living organism has gained).

* The theory of holographic principle is an image drawn on a surface. However, there is no consciousness of self-recognition, external world recognition, and free thought in the recorded material.

If the holographic principle is presupposed, the self of the past in the inner world of the amount of consciousness (multi-world) for completing the two-dimensional surface (concept of mass = reaching self) in three dimensions (total amount of self) It is a continuous stack that recognizes (event = result produced by the concept of mass).

* Completion in the material universe (10 dimensions) reaches the concept of living things in 12 dimensions. Then, it works for a further division amount (interaction amount = consciousness amount) to complete the 12th to 13th dimensions.

However, the universal material universe reaches the total amount of consciousness that amplifies, and the concept of living things is completed.
And the universe is working to move away from matter (reducing matter infinitely, amplifying consciousness infinitely).


Consciousness is not in the inner world of the physical body (the dimension that seems to be present = the concept of mass) but in a further dimension (multiworld = expanding universe = consciousness)

* Every self (including human beings) in an object (creature = every now complete = no further consciousness) cannot see himself.
The self (the total amount of consciousness) to be reached recognizes the self (the concept of mass) in all pasts in the inner world of the consciousness amount.

* There is a future in the consciousness that has not been reached (not going to the future, but trying to return to the consciousness that has not been reached).

It is possible to see and touch a substance in a continuous stack of the resulting quantities (recognition of the concept of mass = present). However, matter (complete in apparent mass and imaginary space quantity = now) has no continuous consciousness for further results, and does not feel self ( the one that exists = the one that does not exist ).
In addition, the consciousness that has not reached the interaction amount cannot recognize the result amount that has not been obtained, and feels the future amount and the imaginary space amount in the outside world (the one that does not exist = the one that exists).

I cannot even be aware of my presence in the amount of consciousness that has reached the substance (which is now complete and stationary) and has disappeared.

However, being able to see and touch a substance, and be able to recognize (think) the existence of oneself is working within the inner world of the future quantity and the imaginary space quantity (consciousness quantity).

Elementary particles (concept = unit) are inside the atom, you cannot see the atom, but you work (interact) to reach the atom (concept = unit amount), and the atom (self) is inside Recognize elementary particles (being in the self itself).

An atom (concept = unit) exists inside the molecule and cannot see the molecule, but operates (interacts) to reach the molecule (concept = unit amount). And the molecule (self) recognizes the atom in the inner world (it exists in itself).
Molecules (concept = unit) exist inside cells and cannot see cells, but they work (interact) to reach cells (concept = unit amount). And the cell (self) recognizes the molecule in the inner world (it exists in itself).
The cell (concept = unit) is in the inner world of the organism and cannot see the organism, but operates (interacts) to reach the organism (concept = unit amount). And the living thing (self) recognizes the cell in the inner world (it exists in itself).
And living things (concept = unit) are inside the universe and cannot see the universe, but work (interact) trying to reach the universe (concept = unit quantity). And the universe (self) recognizes in the inner world the events created by all objects and living things (in the self itself).

* Mind-body dualism (the mind exists separately from the substance of the body and has different properties) and monism (all mental phenomena can be reduced to the function of matter).
However, monism (the total amount of mental phenomena = the total amount of continuous consciousness is reached and disappears = the existence of oneself cannot be recognized = existed = matter = nothing = now)
It is in the inner world of mind-body dualism (the amount of consciousness that tries to be born in one of all possibilities).
And the mind-body dualism reaches the monism, and the reached monism works in the inner world of the further mind-body dualism.

* A pair (simultaneous) of the cause (trying to reach the result = unit interaction amount = gravity / spatiotemporal amount = consciousness amount =spiritualism ) and the reached result (interaction result unit amount recognition = substance = materialism) It is in a continuous stack of.

And the universe (one thing) does not work (exist) only in spiritualism or materialism.


There is a pair (simultaneous) oppositely and a unit spatiotemporal amount is born (now = trying to reach the minimum relative difference from the maximum relative difference = the spatiotemporal amount operates in the present inner world )

*One thing is two things that face the inner world. And all selves (one thing) cannot work by themselves, but can work (spatiotemporal amount = amount of consciousness) relative to all others.

The universe started with one thing (the conceptual universe that was completed in the past).
And every one thing (self) is in a pair, facing every other thing (one thing).
Every elementary particle (self) cannot exist in the inner world of the universe (unit quantity) unless it is paired with every elementary particle (other).
And all of atoms → molecules → objects → living things are in a pair opposite to each other.
The universe exists in a pair as a whole (simultaneous = one thing), and every universe also exists as a thing in the inner world of a multi-world (simultaneous = one thing) called a pair.

All selves (now = death = nothing = existence) cannot work by themselves alone, and work (further consciousness = life) at the interaction unit amount of all other people (now = death = nothing = existence) .

Every universe tries to start evenly (intermediate = now) and end even more evenly (intermediate = now).
And every death (beginning of life) is in equality (middle), and the total amount of all life (death) is in what worked to be in more equality (middle).

* The existence of the result unit amount (concept of mass) born in the world within the range of the cause (unit interaction amount) feels the unreached cause (interaction amount) as the future amount and the imaginary space amount.
Then, when we reach the future and the imaginary space, we return to the cause (past), which is the total amount of results.
The self (concept to reach = 1) exists only in the inner world (interaction unit quantity), but operates in the additional interaction unit quantity (parallel universe) created by the whole self.
And the continuous accumulation that is born in the further self.


Self and the outside world

* The concept of the past overlaps with the inner world of the conceptual universe (simultaneous) = every concept (self) exists as a separate thing in the simultaneous inner world.

* The inner world (knowing = existing) of the self exists at the same time as the outer world (not knowing = not existing).

If the self (total result unit quantity in the inner world = simultaneous = one thing) is not aware of others (total result unit quantity in the inner world = simultaneous = one thing), a new doubt ( The interaction unit quantity = spatiotemporal quantity) cannot be obtained, and no new result unit quantity (answer) is born.

The form of life that is a continuum that recognizes ourselves in the inner world of consciousness is elementary particle (concept of mass) → atom (further concept) → molecule (further concept) → object (further concept) → Biological (further concept) → It is continuous with the interaction unit amount (consciousness amount) that tries to reach the total amount of the concept of the universe.

The organism (concept reached) that was born in the while becomes the total amount of interaction of molecule (past concept) → atom (past concept) → elementary particle (past concept) in the inner world.

And it exists in a living thing (view of the world) called outer shell (a form of born function).

The self (inner world) interacts with other people (outer world) (spatiotemporal amount) and accumulates further results (answers) in the inner world (experience = know = existing).

And the other person (outside world) who did not have interaction exists as one who does not know (do not experience = none) without being accumulated as an answer to the self (inner world).
And what we know (the one that exists) and what we do not (the one that does not) exist at the same time in the inner world of the conceptual universe.

* Elementary particles that make up a substance are independent (quantum), and cannot be defined as self (conceptual amount of mass).

However, it has already been established in the inner world of the further concept (evolution) of atom → molecule → object → organism. And the moon exists in the inner world of the universe even if no one observes it.
The person who saw the moon accumulated recognition (experience = answer) in the inner world, and the moon existed without a doubt.
However, if I do not see the moon, my own consciousness does not have a moon that surely exists without accumulating recognition (experience = answer = existence) in my inner world.
It is a memory of the Moon I saw before, and it is also a product of the imagination that the Moon will still exist with me.

* The form of life (elementary particles, atoms, molecules, objects, and living things) exists in one person (self = inner world) both when born in the present world and when it ends its life.
There are many creatures on the earth besides human beings. Surrounded by many lives and many things, it seems to be there, but it collects external information by using the functions (shapes) that have been accumulated to survive in the process of evolution and leave offspring. By accumulating a new answer (experience) on the soul (collection of answers), it can be seen that there are other human beings and many things there. However, the consciousness (soul) of self is canopy loneliness, and each exists as a separate universe.