(Machine translation. Please forgive the part where the text is unnatural)


Born into infinite thoughts and reach ruthless results

(Get half and not half = maximum efficiency of civilization)

The amount of consciousness (many-worlds) decreases and the possibility decreases at the same time, conversely, the amount of consciousness (many-worlds) increases and the possibility increases at the same time.

* There is no time (possibility) to lose consciousness and deal with the crisis, and on the contrary, there is a possibility (time) to be conscious and deal with the crisis.

Everything works in the inner world of unit quantities. Its roots are one-dimensional to three-dimensional (trying to reach the total quantity of the concept of mass = the root of the unit spatiotemporal quantity). And on the same principle, the biological universe operates in 11th to 13th dimensions.

A human being (concept) is born in the inner world of the biological universe, and a civilization is created in the inner world of the obtained concept (further conceptual universe).
However, in the inner world of civilization (unit amount), the apparent material civilization and the two sides of the same coin, trying to determine the increase or decrease in the amount of consciousness, are operating on the fundamental principle.

If the apparent material civilization (physically convenient world acquired by knowledge) is amplified in the inner world of the unit quantity of human beings, the amount of consciousness (future quantity and imaginary space quantity = many-worlds = possibility) will decrease.
It makes it impossible to imagine what humans will bring (think = not think = greed).
And when humans become aware of the danger, there is no space-time amount (obtaining new technology) to deal with it.

However, if the material civilization (the world that is convenient for physical periodicity) that will be obtained in the inner world of the unit space-time quantity obtained by human beings is halved, both the consciousness civilization and the material civilization will operate = civilization.
(Beyond convenience, it becomes inconvenient = Loss of human power to live = There is no point in building a material civilization).


Born into the inner world of truth without knowing it (every difference), and contradicting it, it tries to return to truth (future quantity and imaginary space quantity = consciousness quantity are continuous with the truth).

Civilization has the experience (wisdom) and knowledge (technology) gained in every evolution in the inner world of truth (past = division into the outer world of possibility) that is continuous with the truth to be reached but has not reached now.
However, there is only one thing (truth) to be reached, and if all isolated thoughts and knowledge interact, there is already further convergence (more knowledge).