(Machine translation. Please forgive the part where the text is unnatural)

Past (cause), now (self), future (consciousness) = one thing = universe (infinite = simultaneous)



Born in the inner world of an already completed world (the beginning and end of the interaction are simultaneous in the inner world of the unit of division)

* Born as something unknown (past = beginning interaction = all relative differences) in the inner world of truth (total amount of interaction = existing answer = one thing).
And tries to return to the truth (future = the same thing that conflicts endlessly = know).

* All (present) works with the unit future quantity (unit imaginary time quantity) and the unit imaginary space quantity (unit calculation quantity) that try to return to the past (cause = target quantity).

* The fate to be reached is fixed even if the destiny to be born into one of all the possibilities in the inner world of the unit amount is continued.

 * Knowing what is now is premised on knowing that is in the past, and trying to know that is in the present operates in the inner world of knowing that is in the future = everything operates in a world that tries to know infinitely.

The total amount of unit interactions (start and end) already exists in all unit departments at the same time.
But every result amount has an additional unresulting amount (all possibilities at the same time = not reaching one of all possibilities).

There is a beginning and an end in the inner world of the one-dimensional world (unit amount)

→ There is a beginning and an end in the inner world of the 3D world (unit amount = 1st to 3rd, 4th to 6th, 7th to 9th)
→ There is a beginning and an end in the inner world of the 10-dimensional world (unit amount).
Unless there is an existing world (total amount of interactions in the inner world of unit quantity = future quantity reached and imaginary space quantity) at the same time, all presents (past in the inner world of unit quantity) will not work.

Everything builds a continuum of interactions (fate) in the inner world of a further dimension (unit division = many-worlds = trying to reach one of all the possibilities in the inner world of unit quantity). And the destiny of every dimension drives the Fate of every dimension of the past.

* The material civilization created by human beings lies in the continuous accumulation of answers (knowledge) obtained in the inner world of questions (reaching convergence = black hole) obtained in the process of evolution. And if the living thing is born in one of the inner world (objective amount) of the evolutionary universe, human beings try to return to the objective amount (cause) that created themselves (future amount and imaginary space amount).
And everything that humans have created is about to return to humans.

An object is unconscious and an object cannot operate by itself, but a living thing (human) is an object and operates in the inner world of a further concept (amount of consciousness) (it seems to operate by its own will).And fundamentally, the only difference is in what dimension (concept = layer) the self is in, and everything that exists is a life and an object.

* Civilization is continuous with future quantity and imaginary space quantity (truth to be reached). And there are experiences (wisdom) and knowledge (technology) gained in every evolution in the inner world of truth that has not been reached now.
However, there is only one thing to reach (truth), and if isolated thoughts and knowledge have a fusion (interaction), further know already exists (does not try to know).



I don't know where humans are

It is assumed that the biological universe operates in 11 to 13 dimensions, but it is unknown whether it is 101 to 103 dimensions, 501 to 503 dimensions, and what dimension it is.
However, the conceptual universe is in a continuous stack of 10 to the 1000th power due to the universe completed in the past.

And if the dimension of the tens place is repeated 10 times to reach the 100th dimension, and there is evolution (the two-dimensional plane that stands still = reaches the self and stands still).

It will be in the 101st to 1000th dimensions that should be reached at the same time, and it is in the unknown (not born in a further amount of consciousness = not complete in self = not yet existing).

There is an infinitely continuous divisional unit quantity in the universe, and every know has more know, and every know has not reached further know.

And human beings are on the way to reach knowing, but what human beings know is in an infinite world that they do not know (everything is repeated = universal).

* A pair of infinitely continuous life (unit consciousness) and infinitely continuous death (result unit amount) (one thing = simultaneous). And even if we accumulate all the knowledge in the inner world, it is the same as what is not in the infinite inner world.

And even if you think with all your knowledge, you cannot understand the universe (the one that tries to create any self).
However, my thoughts operate an infinitely continuous amount of division units (infinitely amplified interaction unit amount = source of consciousness), and every self is at the same time as the universe (reason for existence).