(Machine translation, please forgive the unnatural part)

Past (cause), now (self), future (consciousness) = one thing = universe (infinite = simultaneous)


(Everything works in three worlds = right and left, top and bottom, back and front, inside and outside, everything between past and future is now)

Infinity = simultaneous = now

*In the inner world of the Mobius ring (infinite present), there is the total amount of past and future (simultaneous).

There is a concept (existing = none) that was completed in the past in the inner world of now (the reached self), and there is a future (concept to reach = the amount of consciousness) in the external world.
And all are simultaneous (one thing) and continuous.

Living things (multi-world = 14 dimensions = amount of consciousness) recognize Mobius's ring (material universe = completeness in 10 dimensions = lost amount of consciousness), and there are back and a front (inside and outside).
However, Mobius's ring (self) does not have the amount of consciousness to recognize the outside world, and it cannot be seen that there is a back and a front (inside and outside).

And living things (which are about to be completed in 13th dimension) are recognized in the inner world of 14th dimension (multi-world = amount of consciousness).
However, it is unknown whether a living thing is a substance or a consciousness.
Then, it is recognized as one thing (completed in the 13th dimension) in the inner world of the next concept (the amount of consciousness in the 17th dimension, which is going to be completed in the 16th dimension).

Everything now has the whole of the past in the inner world (self itself) and operates in the inner world of the future (amount of consciousness).
However, it exists only in the present (self = existence = nothing) in the infinite inner world.


There is no distance or speed in the universe

*Everything that exists (the concept of mass) does not move (speed) the distance obtained by physical force (continues to split into the inner world).

 Further division is piled up in the inner world of every division unit universe (one thing).

And the inner world of the dividing unit universe exists in many worlds, but there is no change in one thing (concept) of the whole of the many worlds.

Even if it is decided as one (elementary particle → atom → molecule → object → organism), its inner world (past) is a multiworld and exists in the future (multiworld).

Everything is the result unit quantity (concept of fictitious mass) that is born into a real quantity (division unit quantity), and even if it is fixed to every apparent mass and every imaginary space quantity (complete to the unit quantity of light), The concept has no physical distance, no speed, and no evolution born of speed.

The universe is a continuous stack of causes and effects (purpose), and the concept of fictional mass is a series of stacks created by a non-existent distance, a non-existent speed, and a non-existent evolution.

However, any resulting unit quantity produced in an infinitely continuous division unit quantity cannot reach the total amount of result quantity (infinity), and is the same as the one that does not exist (any existing thing does not exist).

Universe is a continuous stack of two-dimensional surfaces

*2 dimensional plane (trying to reach 3 dimensional one-sided, having one-dimensional completion in the inner world) = now = nothing = universe.

The cause is born and the result (future amount and imaginary space amount = cause that has not been reached) is tried to be reached. And the beginning lies in the further beginning (fixed at the end).
The activity in the universe is in the amount of division of the unit quantity of light (1 to 3 dimensions = concept of mass = spatiotemporal quantity = elementary particles trying to reach the speed of light)

Then, the completion of the unit quantity of light (one dimension to three dimensions) is accumulated. However, one dimension exists in the inner world (self itself) of the self (two-dimensional surface), and we cannot be aware of the spatiotemporal amount from the beginning to the end of the one dimension.
And the apparent mass (continuous two-dimensional surface = self = evolution) exists at the same time as the cause (future quantity and imaginary space quantity) that does not reach the front and back (every now is in a stationary two-dimensional surface)


Born in the inner world of the already existing world(The total amount of interaction already exists in the inner world of the division unit amount)

*The universe operates with the amount of consciousness (temporal space = future amount) that tries to return to the past (purpose = cause). And even if all possibilities (fate) continue in the inner world where everything exists, the fate to be reached is fixed.

The conceptual universe (0 dimensional) completed in the past is completed in 3 dimensional (total mass of the concept of mass = elementary particles reaching the speed of light = total amount of space-time) (4 dimensions already exist = many worlds = all Reach one of the possibilities)
→ Elementary particles (three dimensions) are completed in six dimensions (the concept of atoms) (7 dimensions already exist = many worlds = one of all possibilities is reached)
→ Atom (6th dimension) is completed in 9th dimension (concept of molecule = material universe = 10th dimension) (11th dimension already exists = multi-world = one of all possibilities).

All pile up a series of interactions (destiny) in the inner world of a further dimension (division unit quantity = multi-world = reaching one of all possibilities).

It is trying to reach a world of possibilities that exists at the same time that it divides into 10 (10 to the 10th power).
And on the same concept, the 10-dimensional world is a continuous stack that is born inside the further 10-dimensional world (20-dimensional world = a world that already exists as a possibility).

*If the living thing (human being) that exists now is in the 11th to 13th dimensions, it will be the premise of evolution into a true living thing (14th to 16th dimensions). And humans are not the protagonists of the infinite universe.

* Operates for every fate (interaction unit amount) in the inner world of the multi-world (all possibilities within the unit).

However, the total amount of fate that has arrived is one that is trying to converge to one fate (which is inevitable when looking at the past from the fate that has reached).


Everything is the same in the infinite inner world

*It exists in the inner world of a unit amount (from start to finish), and infinity is unknown.

Everything that exists is the existence of a unit result quantity that has an interaction (spatiotemporal quantity = consciousness quantity) in the inner world of the split universe (the beginning and the end are at the same time).
And I do not know that there is a beginning (a unit consciousness that does not exist) and an end (a consciousness that is stationary), and I do not know that there is no beginning and end.

Based on the biological universe (11th to 13th dimensions), there are molecules (9th dimension) → atoms (6th dimension) → elementary particles (3rd dimension) in the inner world.

If the further conceptual universe (21th to 23rd dimensions) is used as a reference, inside the molecule (17th to 19th dimensions) → atoms (14th to 16th dimensions) → elementary particles (11th to 13th dimensions = biological universe) exist.

And in the inner world of the universe, which is infinitely three-dimensionally continuous, everything that exists is in the same (universal to the concept), but all are in the relative difference of evolution (dimension = concept).

* It is in the middle of the beginning (target amount = unobtained result amount) and in the middle of the end (obtained result amount = disappeared target amount). And in the universe that starts and ends evenly, the beginning and the end are the same.